Kayaking on the

Bruce Peninsula

Spend some time on the water during your next stay at Hiker's Heron and get some great exercise at the same time with a kayaking experience. The Bruce Peninsula offers many different areas for kayakers of all skill levels to explore, and it's easy to arrange for a guided tour and kayak rental from many outfitters in the area.

Kayaking Options on the Bruce Peninsula

With water virtually surrounding the Bruce Peninsula on 3 sides, quiet coves, inland lakes and rivers or under the lime stone cliffs. For the experienced kayaker, there are many open water routes on either the Georgian Bay or Huron side of the Peninsula. For the less experienced kayaker, or someone looking for a gentler experience, there are many inland lakes on the Peninsula to explore.


It's very important to bear in mind that on Georgian Bay the winds can change in heartbeat and kayaking can be challenging and even dangerous if the weather turns foul. Paddling on the open water of Georgian Bay and the Bruce Peninsula should only be undertaken by experienced paddlers or under the supervision of a guide.


Here is a link to an article that provides an example from a novice kayaker who joined a group to kayak the open waters between Tobermory and Cabot Head, and experienced just how challenging it can be.

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From Hiker's Heron B&B you can launch your kayak and go either north to Cabot Head or south towards Cape Chin and Lion's Head. The journey north is roughly 8 kms around Cabot Head Point, the lighthouse and into Wingfield Basin, a peaceful inlet where you can stop for a snack and view a submerged shipwreck.


The journey south is roughly 18 kms past the Devil's Monument, one of the flowerpots left by the retreating glaciers, past North Cape Chin, around Cape Chin Point to South Cape Chin. Or continue south another 12 kms around Smokey Head and White Bluff into Whippoorwill Bay to Lion's Head harbour and beach. On this journey you will have breathtaking views of the escarpment, boulder beaches, birds and even eagles if you are very lucky!


Rent a Kayak or Arrange for a Guide:

For a kayaking guide or kayak rental, contact https://www.suntrail.net/ in Hepworth or https://www.thorncrestoutfitters.com/ in Tobermory.

Or, from Hiker's Heron B&B strap your kayak on the car and drive south 22kms to the Huron side of the Peninsula. Turn right at Clarkes Rd. and Stokes Bay Rd and launch your kayak at Stokes Bay. Spend the day exploring the many small islands along the coast.

Hiker's Heron Bed & Breakfast to Inland Lakes

Most of the Bruce Peninsula National Park's inland lakes can easily be explored in day trips. From Hiker's Heron B&B head north 27 kms and launch your kayak at Cameron Lake, a navigable stream leads through into Cyprus Lake. Keep an eye open for great blue herons and kingfishers. Motorboats are prohibited on Cyprus Lake. Non-powered craft such as canoes and sailboards may be used on the lake anytime.

Another option is to head north 22 kms and launch your kayak on Emmett Lake where there are many bays to discover. Take the right fork on Emmett Lake Road. It leads right to Emmett's shore, where there is easy access to the lake, although parking is limited.

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