• Kathy Brouse

Bear Badge

We all love cute badges, right?! A badge sewn onto your backpack tells the world you are a serious hiker and that you worked hard for that bit of cloth and stitching:)

The Peninsula Bruce Trail boasts 150 kilometers of side trails. Hike them all and receive the "Bear Badge". To earn the badge, all you do is print off the list of Peninsula Side Trail loops - address is below and then mail the completed guide, with $7.00 and a stamped, self addressed envelope as well as your name, email address and a written summary of your hike series to the address below:

Peninsula Bruce Trail Club Attn. Badge Box 1087 Wiarton, ON N0H 2T0

Stay at Hiker's Heron BB while you earn your Bear Badge. I will assist with practical information and a car shuttle to hike start/end, if required.



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