Living in Dyers Bay with all the elements: the water, the wind, the nature, the night sky, provides me with constant inspiration for pyrography projects. I am currently woodburning a series of Mandalas on sidetables, plaques and coasters, herons and birds of prey. I do the wordburning on locally sourced live-edge wood - ash, maple and birch. These pieces are on display and available to purchase or order at Hiker's Heron Bed & Breakfast. View current pieces and pricing at: ​https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMGTAtBFvQFlu0TlZxoi96dFYdU-0FBm-k9ey96lbK7cT8Vg8RNAv4pMIAdx9UZgA?key=WUJpbGtpVWd4NDNEVTk2SElzTGdQWEhfQl9rbjJn

Woodcraft Gallery

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Hiker's Heron Bed & Breakfast

25 Shoreline Drive

Dyers Bay, ON

N0H 1Z0


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